God Disposes But Man Proposes!

Conversations With God Using Scripture

OOPs! God Wants Us To Think Outside The Box.

And again I say…OOPs! For this week’s blog title, I have used an antithesis form of speech. Why? Because I thought the title above would infuse the curiosity of my readers more than the title: “God Uses Opposites To Express Himself On How To Obtain Righteousness”.

Now I ask you…did it work? Are you still with me? Have I piqued your interest enough for you to read this blog all the way through?

Well, if nothing else, you’ve learned the definition of a new word…Antithesis! That word refers to the juxtaposition (two things with contracting views) of opposing or contrasting ideas. And we all know that the Bible is full of opposites expressed not only by God in the creation story in Genesis, but also by Jesus Christ, the Apostle Paul, and many other New Testament writers.


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