Victory Walkers: Remember The Power Of Testimony!

Beloved Listen In-

This episode account contains flashback aspects of my testimony through the work of God from the earliest stages of my life. As we take a journey back to focus on the Lord working in our past, we are able to appreciate the present and look forward to the future. It is full of Victory in Him!

Revelation 12:10-13?(TPT)

10 Then I heard a triumphant voice in heaven proclaiming:

“Now salvation and power are set in place,
    and the kingdom reign of our God
    and the ruling authority of his Anointed One
    are established.
For the accuser of our brothers and sisters,
    who relentlesslyaccused them
    day and night before our God,
    has now been defeated—cast out once and for all!
11 They conquered him completely
    through the blood of the Lamb
    and the powerful word of his testimony.[a]
They triumphed becausethey did not love and cling
    to their own lives, even when faced with death.”

REV. 12:11

“12:11 And 2532 they 846 overcame 3528 5656him 846 by 1223 the blood 129 of the Lamb 721, and 2532 by 1223 the word 3056 of their 846 testimony 3141; and 2532 they loved 25 5656 not 3756 their 846lives 5590 unto 891 the death 2288.” (

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