Victory Walkers: “Testimony”- A Memorial Walk Through Time/ The Earliest Days

A Memorial Walk Through Time: The Earliest Days 

College Ave, The Crossroads, The Club, The Court, and The Corner

On the journey there will be times where you can only look forward with tenacity, but there will also be times when we will have to reflect on the good past to remind us why we should always remain humble and thankful.

With this blog prep to my next podcast episode I want to share some of my most memorable places where I can remember having some real thoughts and revelation encounters with God. These seed moments unknowingly at the time of experience would later be revealed as Victory” “Steps that God was using to reveal Himself to me at particular moments in time. I just didn’t know it at the time. 

As I said before, I wasn’t saved in a church. I didn’t really grow up as a consistant church goer. I can recall a few times of being in a service, but God knows how to use everybit for His advantage and our good. One of those little bit moments in my life took place during a space of time after I was 5 years old. I remember exactly where I lived and some specific words I that I heard that triggered specific thoughts of curiousity about God. Now mind you; like a lot of people I grew up with family and around family friends that had mixtures of beliefs and lifestyles.

This mixture that I’ve seen growing up consisted of some religious spirits, superstition mindsets, sinful life styles, fighting spirits, substance abuse, mixed with a family bond that we called love when it came to sticking together against the world, but weren’t always the kindest to each other. Praise be to God that I have moved on from the past vivid details that once shaped the old life that has been crucified with Christ Jesus, on to where He makes everything new, Amen (2 Corinthians 5:17). 

College Ave

Moving on to the pics below (College Ave). The lot is a revelation memorial to me. I used to live here during my early elementary years. I am reflecting in this former residence location because, I can remember a few moments during these years where my little mind was triggered by events, words, or thoughts that caused my little heart on the inside to search out answers about God. For instance, I remember one day, while at my relatives that lived in one of the apartments in the rear of us I heard the name, “the Lord” being used. I can’t remember the context, whether it was out of sincerety or used religiously. 

All I know is this. My mind couldn’t stop trying to figure out who or what was “the Lord”. Since, I didn’t have an environment of dialogue or real connection, I would often try to reason it out for myself. For instance I remember during a time of loss when life was very confusing to me. I was in kindergaten when my dad passed away; it seemed suddenly to me. I didn’t understand or know anything. I do howerever; recall at times when I felt hurt or confused, I would to sit behind this one door in the hallway steps and release my what and why questions to this “Lord”. I still had know clue who Lord was, but I will now jump a little forward on this memorial journey. (I will return to this memorial location later to share a very signficant 2018 dream I had between my old residence and the still current church yard that I used to play at). 

The Crossroads

The Crossroads is a picture of two alley ways that crossed between two major streets and two side streets. This is so significant to me because God sent the pure Gospel to me for the first time. It was the summer after my last year of elementary school. I remember walking with some cousins and friends through the neighborhood acting like we were a little gang group. At the same moment we reached that crossroad of two alley ways when a women approached us and began to talk to us about God, the last days, heaven, and Jesus as the way. She was very thorough and shared with such a unique love. 

As she was sharing how to come to God through the love and life of Jesus, something on the inside of me shifted. Then she shared with us how to deal with sin through repentance. I believe she was responding to a question that one of us brought up. However; between that moment and her teaching us how to pray, I remembered she looked at me and said she would see me there (heaven)one day. I didn’t have the words then, but I realize now that I felt a sense of calling that I was destined for heaven. I never forget that moment of divine encounter. That experience was so signifiant to me because, it spoke again to me later on while I was in despair and helped me walk away from the wrong tracks (railroad) and perseved my life for another precious encounter that I recently shared from my “Journey Series File” in the “Testimony Intro” post. For now, let’s keep reflecting and see what the “The Club is all about.

The Club (700)

This memorial pic represents a very sensitive encounter I had one day at this locatoin in my bedroom. As I turned on that old black and white television, and before I turned that radio style nob on the side, I found myself watching a station  that I had never watched before. I couldn’t understand how the dial got adjustd to that channel; however there I was watching a Easter time movie about Jesus that the 700 Club was playing. I remember watching the scenes play out leading up to Him being crucified. I was in tears as I couldn’t understand why this had to happen that way.

 I was even more touched as the program ended and that host Pat R. was bringing more clarity about the love of God and how Jesus came to lay down His life for us. Even more, I felt the presence of God as the preacher led the viewers in a prayer for salvation. Though I didn’t have a follow up plan or yet a dialogue connection, I know now that God was drawing me closer to Him (John 6:44). Though I was not yet walking with Him, I still was being drawn to Him, as I will briefly share concerning “The Court.

Former residence of the “Club” experience

The Court 

This location represents a God seeking moment that hit me one day at my best friends house during my middle school years. I spent a lot of time there. It’s interesting because, there was a season when my friend would go to Church with one our former basketball coaches. He was a great man and I greatly appreciate him till this day. So eventually I started to join them once in a while. However; I can honestly say that in those days we really really enjoyed the meals after church. But one Sunday after service that changed for me. after we returned back to my friends house it was common for us to head out his back door down to the basketball “Court”. That Sunday my friend and some of the other kids went down as we always did, but without me. 

I stayed back that day and without anyone else’s knowledge, I had this unusual desire to look through the Bible in his room. I can’t remember all the details, but I do remember reading through the Beatitudes. As they were playing at the court, I was learning how important being a peacemaker was to Jesus. All these things, I desired to be, but didn’t know how. I’m grateful that the “Lord” was revealing Himself to me more and more while getting my attention with these early experiences that I now know were just part of the journey toward moving into the place of my earliest days of fuller surrender.  Lastly, for this part 1 section, I want to share about “The Corner”. 

The Corner

It was at the beginning of my high school experience. At that time we were (my crew of friends) stepping into new levels of sports, perspectives, and experiences. Some were good, okay, and bad. But I want to focus on this one experience I had with God. I remember at that time, I had a friend whose familiy began to attend a certain denomination that that certain things about the end times. Though I now don’t agree with everything from their teaching, I was moved at that time to seek God further after listening to some of the things that my friend was sharing. 

This was the kicker for me. I decided to ask God some specific things that I needed to know the truth about. I asked Him to send someone that I could dialogue with. Not quite in those words, but that was my heart. A couple of days later a group of us were standing outside my friends house on the corner of Division St. and Otterman St. Then suddenly we saw someone from a distance walking towards us. It took a good minute to figure out who it was. Then I recognized him. The last time I’ve seen him (this is dawning on me as I’m writing this) was years ago on “College Ave” where his group use to hang out near a house between my residence and “the Church” that I will share about at a later time.  

Someone in the group heard he became a preacher. So as he approached us we asked him some questions. He shared a little about his journey and answered some things that were on my heart. I knew immediately that God heard and answered my prayer. I was amazed and I was gradully getting closer to that place God was drawing me to. Also, this same preacher became my pastor down the road on my journey walk, but I’ll share more in the near future. That particular work of God was such an important lesson for me. I discovered that if one truly wants to know the truth, all he has to do is sincerely seek and ask God. He will not dissapoint or deny (James 1:5-6). I still had some processing though to go through before I reached that place God was leading me, but I will share more in Part 2. I praise Him for His patience, and thank you for stopping by here at “Victory Walkers”. Look out for, and listen to the next podcast episode.

God Bless

Timothy S. Lewis

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