Victory Walkers: Sharing Testimonies From 2014 “The Journey Series (2014)” File

2 Corinthians 5:17 (TPT)~

17 Now, if anyone is enfolded into Christ, he has become an entirely new person. All that is related to the old order has vanished.[a] Behold, everything is fresh and new.[b]

Testimony Intro

Leading up to my first podcast episode, I’ll be blogging snippets of my testimony written over time from the original verbiage used based on the perception from my experiences at the time of writing (1995-2014). “The Journey Series” is a continuous journal in which, I began to document my testimony overtime. I guess it was like my early document of my personal book of “Acts“. The process however; has evolved into other titles and writings, but remained a continuous document of testimony that will be added to the file from time to time.

My purpose with this particular blog post, and the ones to shortly follow is to give those who are meant to be blessed by my testimony the opportunity to prepare for the first actual podcast. My intention is to ultimately be a blessing by sharing in a way that takes God’s “Victory Walkers” through a process of teaching and experiential edification that leads to “Godly” (supernatural) encouragement for the journey ahead. The first main insight I want to briefly share with you has to do with the significance of my “Journey Series Cover” as it represents the significant shift in revelation that allowed me to respond to the years of God reaching out to me with His amazing grace that brought me to saving faith in His wonderful salvation plan. Now, let us walk out our journey of victory together!

Journey Series Cover (2014)

“… After high school my life seemed to become increasingly depressing. As a dreamless young man, the best I imagined for myself was to become nothing more than a drunk, or dead. In reality I wanted a new life with real purpose. One day I had a real enlightening moment that revealed to me that I have been living on the wrong track. This revelation came after I literally walked down my street and back where the railroad tracks were. At that point I was contemplating the second D word over the first. I wanted to end all the hopelessness and pain; I thought I had no purpose in this life.

As I sat there on the rail, I pondered and reflected. I didn’t want my story to end that way. It was then, that kind and powerful words from my past which had been spoken to me, began to speak again. They led me off the “wrong track” and started me on a “new track” in life. I remember, something inside was telling me that God had the answer. It was that same summer when the answer found me. The answer was, and still is Jesus Christ. By faith change began in my heart. It also drastically and gradually flowed out into my life. I was now on a journey, and it was with God. I have learned that He was rewriting my story. The following is from a personal writing from those early days expressing how I felt:

“I’m a new creature created in Christ. You took my life Lord and made it right in thy sight.
With a world full of darkness and sin deep within, only my gracious Savior could let me start again.
So I give my life Lord, with it , have your way. I want to live differently than my past days.
I’m a new creature created in Christ. You took my life Lord and made it right.
Take my mind Lord, make it refined. Take my heart Lord and in the darkness, let it shine.
I take the corruptness of my life, and crucify it. Now take my spirit Lord, and sanctify it.
Also, take my lips Lord and don’t let them slip. You have given me purpose and I don’t want to miss.
I’m a new creature created in Christ. You took my life Lord and made it right.
Take my soul Lord, and make me whole. Let me proclaim Lord that the world may know: that Jesus is the
giver of the brand-new life. Jesus is the giver and the only sacrifice. Jesus my Lord, you paid the price, so
that I can be called a new creature in Christ. “
I’m a new creature created in Christ. You took my life Lord and made it right..”

I was led off the “wrong track” and began a “new track” in life.” Praise God!

Here is a “Journey Series” Prayer Poem for the Journey,

“Lead me, direct me, send me on my way, to live carefully, courageously, and faithfully in your name.
Not weakened, neither powerless, nor ashamed. Not expecting fame, popularity, or understanding from mere
humans, but knowing that I can find fellowship with compassionate Christians.
“Hope thou in God” at times my soul cries out, not in men because too many live deeply in doubt.
But You alone, God and Lord make my spirit shout. You alone shall have the last Lord without a doubt,
It’s humbling to think of all you have done for me. I just pray that we all can learn to appreciate our testimonies.
Only You and You alone can keep me whole and safe. Yes this is my sincere prayer. I truly fear at the thought of
you not being near. I need you Father, and your loving care. Once again I thank you for inclining your ear. I’m
grateful that you always hear”

Revelation 12:11-12 (TPT)~

11 They conquered him completely
    through the blood of the Lamb
    and the powerful word of his testimony.[a]
They triumphed because they did not love and cling
    to their own lives, even when faced with death.”

God Bless, Stay Tuned, and Be Encouraged!

Timothy S. Lewis

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